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Love Story SMS

1 month ago

One day, a young guy and a
young girl fell in love.
But the guy came from a poor
family. The girl’s parents weren’t
too happy.
So the young man decided not
only to court the girl but to court
her parents as well. In time, the
parents saw that he was a good
man and was worthy of their
daughter’s hand.
But there was another problem:
The man was a soldier. Soon, war
broke out and he was being sent
overseas for a year. The week
before he left, the man knelt on
his knee and asked his lady love,
“Will you marry me?” She wiped
a tear, said yes, and they were
engaged. They agreed that when
he got back in one year, they
would get married.
But tragedy struck. A few days
after he left, the girl had a major
vehicular accident. It was a head-
on collision.
When she woke up in the
hospital, she saw her father and
mother crying. Immediately, she
knew there was something
She later found out that she
suffered brain injury. The part of
her brain that controlled her face
muscles was damaged. Her once
lovely face was now disfigured.
She cried as she saw herself in
the mirror. “Yesterday, I was
beautiful. Today, I’m a monster.”
Her body was also covered with
so many ugly wounds.
Right there and then, she
decided to release her fiancé
from their promise. She knew he
wouldn’t want her anymore. She
would forget about him and
never see him again.
For one year, the soldier wrote
many letters—but she wouldn’t
answer. He phoned her many
times but she wouldn’t return
her calls.
But after one year, the mother
walked into her room and
announced, “He’s back from the
The girl shouted, “No! Please
don’t tell him about me. Don’t tell
him I’m here!”
The mother said, “He’s getting
married,” and handed her a
wedding invitation.
The girl’s heart sank. She knew
she still loved him—but she had
to forget him now.
With great sadness, she opened
the wedding invitation.
And then she saw her name on
Confused, she asked, “What is
That was when the young man
entered her room with a
bouquet of flowers. He knelt
beside her and asked, “Will you
marry me?”
The girl covered her face with
her hands and said, “I’m ugly!”
The man said, “Without your
permission, your mother sent me
your photos. When I saw your
photos, I realized that nothing
has changed. You’re still the
person I fell in love. You’re still as
beautiful as ever. Because I love ♥...

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1 month ago

MAA : Beta Ager Meri Ankhain
Kharab Ho jaye to tum kya karo ge?
Beta : Maa tumhain sheher le jaon
ga wahan ilaaz kerwaon ga
MAA : Ager phir bhi theek na hui
tou? ... ...
Beta : Maa main paisay kharch
kerun ga tumhain Bahir mulk le ja
ker Ilaaz karwaon ga........
Maa hass padi :)
Beta : Acha Maa ager meri Ankhain kharab ho
jayen to tum
kya karogi?
MAA : Mere LaL, main tujhe apni
ankhe de dungi

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1 month ago

14 saal ke ladke ko, 10 saal ki khubsurat ladki ki photo raste mein mili,
aur us ladke ko ladki se pyar ho gya.
uska us ladki k liye pyar dhire-2 badne lga.
wo us ladki se bhut pyar karne lga.
Lekin wo ladka us ladki ko kbi nahi pa ska.
Kuch saal bad.
Uski wife ne wo photo dekha aur pucha:
tumhe ye photo kha se mila?
ladke ne pucha kyun?
Ladki boli: meri photo kho gya thi jab mein 10 saal ki thi.

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1 month ago

nterested LOVE STORY 1 LADKA
1 LADKi Aik Dusre Se Bahut
MOHABBAT Karte The Bad Qismati Se LADKi Mar Gai Marne K Bad LADKi Ne LADKE
Se Kaha: "Ek WADA Tha Tera
Har WADAY K Peeche Tu Milega Mujhe Har Gali
Har Darwaze K Peeche Par Tu Hi BEWAFA Nikla Ek Tu Hi Na Tha Mere JANAZE K
Peechy ". LADKA BOLA: "Ek WADA Tha Mera Har
WADAY K Peeche, Me Milunga Tujhe Har Gali Har
Darwaze K Peeche, Par Tune mud K Bhi Na Dekha, Ek Or JANAZA Tha,
Tere JANAZE K Peeche..

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1 month ago

Girl: We Are Best Friends, Right?
Boy: Yes, Of Course.
Girl: So Be Honest With Me, Who Do You Like?
Boy: No One. I Love Someone.
Girl: Oh, She Must Be Very Lucky..
Boy: Definitely. I’ve Loved Her,
Ever Since I Met Her.
Girl: Really? Well, Since We’re Best Friends,
I Wanna Meet Her. Go Call Her…
Boy: Oh Okay.
*Boy Takes Out His Phone, Dials Her Number And Phones Her..*
Girl: Wait, Hold On I Think Im Getting A Call.
*Answers The Phone*
Boy: I Love You;)

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1 month ago

ek ladke ne apni class ki 1 ladki ko prapose kiya or wo raji ho gayi.. ladki aksar kha karti thi ki main bina dil k ji rhi hoon q ki mera dil tere paas hai... kuch dino baad ladki ne apna irada change kar diya or ladke se kaha ki main tumse shadi nhi kar sakti mere parents ki khusi meri khusi hai... ladki ne kahahum hamesa dost hi rhenge or ladka maan gya... Kuch dino baad ladki ki shadi hui to us ladke ne use "GIFT" bheja.
dost Pranav Aur Sarang jungle
mein, Raste me raat ho gayi wo
TENT laga k so gaye..
RAAT ko 1 Pranav ki ankh khuli..
Usne Sarang ko jaga k
kaha:"Aasman ki taraf dekh ke
bata tujhe kya nazar aatahai..??
Sarang: "Bahut sare sitare" .
Pranav: "Isse kya pata chalta
Sarang: "Asman khubsurat hai.."
. .
Pranav: "Abey Newton ki aulad
Tent chori ho gaya
hai..danish hashmi

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1 month ago

ek Dusre Se Bahut
Bad Qismati Se LADKA Mar Gaya
Marne K Bad LADKE Ne LADKI SeKaha:
“Ek WADA Tha Tera
Har WADE K Piche
Tu Milegi Mujhe Har Gali
Har Darwaze K Piche
Par Tu Hi BEWAFA Nikli
Ek Tu Hi Na Thi Mere JANAZE K Pichy.
“Ek WADA Tha Mera Har WADE
K Peeche,
Me Milungi Tujhe Har Gali Har Darwaze K Piche,
Par Tune mud K Bhi Na Dekha,
Tere JANAZE K Piche..!

Ladki ne gift kholte hi rona chalu kar diya... Q ki 'Gift mein dil tha wo v khun se lathpath' or likha tha.."are pagal tumhara dil to mere paas tha use bhijva rha hoon apne husband ko kya do gi? "ITS LOVE" ♥♥

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