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Good Morning SMS

19 hours ago

"Truth is always like oil in water,
No matter how much water u add oil always floats on "TOP"
always believe in truth" & "true relations"..
Good Morning
Have a successful week ahead.

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2 days ago

Everyone in the world would say
"You have changed a lot"
But no one in the world will
look into your eyes and say
"You have compromised a lot"
GOOD Morning

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5 days ago

thought of day

Simple principle of Life:-
- Never think you are nothing
- Never think you are everything
- But always think you are something & you can achieve anything...
Good Morning...

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5 days ago

Never leave a true relation for few faults..Nobody is perfect. Nobody is correct and at the end, affection is always greater than perfection..
Gud morning

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6 days ago

When You Pray 4 Others
God Listens To You And Blesses Them,
Sometimes When You are Safe and Happy
Remember That Someone Prayed 4 u...
Gud Morning

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6 days ago

Koyal Ne Khubsurat Nagma Sunaya,
To Hamare Labo Pe Ye Paigam Aaya,
Baharo Ki Mahfil Parindo Ka Dera,
Mubarak Ho Apko Ye Khubsurat Savera.

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6 days ago

"Sun Is Happy.
Moon Is Angry.


Moon Is Missing U &
Sun Is Wishing U A Special Good Morning.

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