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Good Morning SMS

15 hours ago

Today's thought

Relationships do not need promises, terms, and conditions. It just needs two wonderful people, one who can trust and one who can understand.
Gud morning...

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15 hours ago

If you Succeed in Cheating Someone. Never Think That the Person is Fool.. Realize that the Person Trusted you Much More than you Deserve..

Hieee Gud Mrng

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5 days ago

Excellence Has Always Been Achieved By Those Who Dared To Believe That Something Inside Them is SUPERIOR Than The Circumstances They are Facing...
Good morning...

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5 days ago

For every success, a person experiences pain in his heart,
And that pain makes him a successful person in life.
Good Morning and have a Nice Day!

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5 days ago

$mile is a source to win a heart,
$mile is a name of lovely mood,
$mile create greatness in personality.
$o ì wìsh Ü $mìlé älwäys ìñ Ür lìfé.!!

Good morning ......

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6 days ago

Kaliyo Ke Khilne Ke Sath,
Ek Pyare Ehsas Ke Sath,
Ek Naye Vishwas Ke Sath,
Apka Din Shuru Ho ,
Ek Mithi Muskan Ke Sath.
Gud Morning Have A Good Day

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6 days ago

Sun is haPPy Moon is
anGry Why. . .?
Because, mOOn is
missing U &
Sun is wishing U. . .
Gud Morning. .

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