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Good Morning SMS

1 hour ago

Good morning!!

Sorry to disturb you...
लेकिन मामला urgent है. सीता को रावण हर साल की तरह फिर से उठा कर ले गया है. हनुमान को 10000 बंदरों

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2 days ago

|"""| |",""|
| |,/\,| ISH YOU

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2 days ago

At the beginning of the day we realise MONEY is the most important thing to have,
and at the end of the day we realise PEACE is the most important thing to have.....

Good morning n Happy Sunday with your family n friends...

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2 days ago

Lucky people get opportunities,
Brave people create opportunities,
Real winners are those
Who convert Their problems
In to opportunities.
Good morning.

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2 days ago

It is strange that sword and words have the same alphabets

and even more strange

that they have the same effect if not handled properly.
Good Morning⛅

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3 days ago

Muhabbat bari ajeeb hoti he,
karo to bari takleef hoti he,
muddato lagte he saccha pyar pane me,
aur jab milta he to usme bhi bewafai hoti he... gud morning

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6 days ago

Aapki Nayi Subah itni Sayani ho jaye,
Dukhon ki sari baatein aapki purani ho jaye,
De jaye Itni khushiyan yeh din,
Ki Khushi bhi aapki muskurahat ki diwaani ho jaye…
GoOd Mownig

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